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What is sea glass

Are pieces of glass, found along beaches around the world, that have been polished by the water,
the sand and the rocks on the bottom of the sea,
until they are modified to small  shaped glass pieces with a frosted surface due to the sand scraping on it.

Their origin tends to be from glass bottles and vials that entered the sea whole and were smashed
into little fragments by the powerful waves when thrashing them against the rocks.


The most common colours of seaglass are green, white or translucid, coffee brown and amber
(which are the most common colours for beer bottles), some light blue tones, yellow and varieties of pink have started to appear.

Even rarer are the grey, purple, bright red and different black tones. Red seaglass is said to be found once out of 5000 pieces.
Some black fragments have been discovered in Australian beaches, whose origins are from beer bottles from the 1940’s.
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